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About us

A clothing and accessories brand that represents the "Honor, Oath and Courage" that the men and women who answer the call, live by every day.

Here is what ‪#‎HonorLine‬ is all about:

Honor Line Apparel is a clothing and accessories line that represents the "Honor, Oath and Courage" that men and women who answer the call, live by everyday.

Honor Line's founder, Dave McDowell, is a twenty-five year law enforcement veteran, currently a Major and the Assistant Sheriff at the Calvert County Sheriff's office, in Maryland.

Every aspect of operations, from design concepts to production, includes input from current and former law enforcement officers, fire fighters and military personnel.

How We Came To Be:

"In March of 2015, I attended a police leadership conference. During a break, I stopped to watch a cable news story on the big screen television in the hotel lobby. The headline read, "Another senseless murder committed by police". Several people were standing there watching as the reporter talked about "Out of control cops" killing unarmed people for no apparent reason.
Reading the body language of the onlookers, I could see that some of them believed what the reporter was saying; this was a tipping point for me.

For the next several days, I could not stop thinking about the people in that lobby and what I could do to preserve the reputation of my chosen profession- what I had dedicated my life to. I needed to find a way to show anyone in doubt, that the men and women who choose a career in law enforcement don't do it to get rich or famous. They don't do it to harm others or to violate their rights, and they certainly don't do it to murder innocent people. Instead, I needed to make it clear that they do it to answer a calling that only someone who serves in a public safety role can understand.

The profile picture of our Facebook page comes from a sketch that I drew shortly after watching the news story in the hotel lobby. The image depicts a silhouette of a deputy sheriff underscored by a blue line and the words, "Honor, Oath and Courage is who we are". The faceless image and the words below it, speak to the Oath we swear to, the Courage we demonstrate in the performance of duty and the immeasurable Honor we feel, regardless of what color we are, or if we are a man or a woman.
-Dave McDowell, Founder of Honor Line Apparel.

Where did the idea for the Left Chest Society come from?

As far back as the medieval period, those who have chosen to stand in harm's way to protect others, have displayed the symbol of their honor, and courage on the left chest. The Left Chest Society represents those brave and noble guardians. The Left Chest Society Line, created by Honor Line Apparel founder, Dave McDowell, is a tribute to law enforcement officers across the world.

"Because we are the select few who protect the many, we are a society unto ourselves. The badges we put on our uniforms lie over our hearts and serve as beacons of safety and symbols of authority. We are the brave guardians with the hearts of warriors who stand ready to answer the call". -Dave McDowell.

Only those who have and currently serve, understand the sacrifice, commitment and pride that define the Left Chest Society.